The Game & Kendrick Lamar Gives Their Opinion On Adele Winning Best Album

Looks like the two Compton MC’s isn’t on the same page about who should have won between Beyonce & Adele.

Adele stacked up on the statuettes Grammy night, but especially one of the Grammys is up for discussion between rapper The Game and Kendrick Lamar. Even though Adele broke her Grammy in half and shared it with Beyonce, because she felt like ‘Lemonade’ were a better album than hers.

An affiliate of Kendrick Lamar’s ‘TDE’ label shared a tweet claiming he had just spoke to Kendrick Lamar, and that he felt like Beyonce also should have won album of the year, “I just spoke to kdot. He’s really up set about the Queen B not getting her album of the year trophy.” the affiliate said. Also Solange, the sister of Beyonce had an opinion about it, suggesting black artists didn’t get their proper respect at the Grammys.

Kendrick Lamar’s fellow Compton native, rapper The Game also had an opinion about Beyonce’s loss. He explained different from the others that Adele deserved to win the Grammy.