Flint rappers Jimbo x Fats is back with another street anthem titled “Hard Times” which has a visual that was released on 4/10. Flint notable rapper 1000 Bars directed and posted the video on his YouTube channel and it has already gained over 5K views and counting. Gaining a national buzz generating a fan base and growing it, Fats who recently released his debut mix-tape entitled “Rumors and Allegations” is setting the tone spitting real life facts bringing the Dayton Family and Top Authority days back to Flint.

With the Flint Water Crisis being one of the most talked about topics in the world for the last couple years, Flint has become a place for many celebrities to pop up on the door steps in rural places of the local community. That alone could make Jimbo x Fats the very next artist to receive a major break coming out of Flint, Michigan. After making an appearance on Flints very own 93.7 with Messo, Jimbo x Fats flew out to New York City for a interview with Kay Slay on his radio show in the recent week along with David Pablo, a rapper and entrepreneur who’s mentioned in the song as being a helping hand.

Together these guys has been really creating a buzz that will soon set the whole state of Michigan on ablaze and soon it will spread like a wildfire.

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