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YBN Almighty Jay Allegedly Jumped & Robbed in New York

15 Views | March 9, 2019 |News | By hiphopallaround
Seems like rapper YBN Almighty Jay once again has ran into some trouble, this time being in New York. The footage surfacing this morning allegedly shows the rapper being jumped by a group of men, first inside somewhere and later outside where he is also seen running away. We have yet to hear any official statement from the rapper himself, or his team.
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#ybnalmightyjay was allegedly robbed tonight in New York by some goons πŸƒπŸΎπŸ’¨

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50 Cent Walks Into 6IX9INE Interview – β€œLeave Him Alone”

1424 Views | March 29, 2018 |News | By hiphopallaround
In an interview dropping later today, 50 Cent can be seen walking in during the interview quickly telling whoever has a problem with 6IX9INE to "Leave Him Alone."
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