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NBA YoungBoy On Miami Shooting: "I Wish They Would Have Gotten Me"

257 Views | May 20, 2019 |News | By hiphopallaround
Even while locked up in a Baton Rogue jail, NBA YoungBoy is making headlines. The rapper's attorney is now speaking out on behalf of him advocating for and maintaining his innocence in the Miami shooting that left one bystander dead.
As you might have heard by now, prior to the rapper's Rolling Loud set, he and his team were caught up in a shooting. When his posse fired back, one of their bullets reportedly struck 43-year-old Mohamed Jradi, NBA YoungBoy himself says that he wishes he was hurt instead of Jradi.
I had forgot to pray moments before,it was counted for though. #TOP
NBA YoungBoy's attorney gave a statement to Miami Herard, stating that the rapper is the victim of an "assassination attempt" and that he was told by YoungBoy that he wished he would've been hit, not an innocent bystander.
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Gucci Mane Postpones His Canadian Tour

218 Views | May 19, 2019 |News | By hiphopallaround
Looks like Gucci Mane won't be heading to Canada as scheduled in May. He has postponed his 'Live in Canada' tour to what he describes 'bring a bigger and better show to his fans.' Instead, the tour should reportedly be happening in early September, with stops in Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and maybe Toronto.
However, many speculate that the postponing of the tour might have been associated with the rapper's long rap sheet of legal troubles & jail sentences. Which according to his team is not the case.
'His temporary resident permit to enter Canada for the tour is still in good order,' Gucci's team explained.
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Meek Mill Says He's Making "Power Moves" With Jay-Z & Eminem

240 Views | May 19, 2019 |News | By hiphopallaround
Meek Mill has been a free man for some time now, immediately stepping up as a well-rounded activist. Alongside with Jay-Z, Michael Rubin and Robert Kraft they launched 'Reform' that will tackle criminal justice reform.
Saturday morning, Meek took to Twitter to reveal that he has been working alongside Jay-Z and Eminem on a new endeavor. He doesn't give up much information about the actual endeavor, so we can only speculate for now.
Meek Mill on Twitter
What do you guys think the trio has in their sleeves, a music collaboration or something else?
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50 Cent Goes At BET: "Get The F*ck Outta Here"

266 Views | May 15, 2019 |News | By hiphopallaround
50 Cent is continuing his path of "destroying" the competition, he has now turned his attention to BET. A couple of months ago, news broke that 50 Cent was developing a new series based on the 'Sex Money Murder' gang in New York.
Apparently, BET has a similar concept which the rapper isn't a fan of at all. Like always 50 Cent took it to social media saying, "SEX, MONEY, MURDER hun nah. how you doing sex money murder with no BX, no soundview, no pistol Pete. BET get the fuck outta here."

Fifty, of course, following up with yet another post, let us know what the "only" good thing about BET is, "I ain’t gonna lie I would kiss her in the mouth, and wouldn’t give a fuck who don’t like it." We can only hope BET do him right, before he brings out 'Fofty'.
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Blac Youngsta's Charges From Charlotte Shooting Dismissed

206 Views | May 13, 2019 |News | By hiphopallaround
CMG rapper Blac Youngsta can now celebrate his freedom after all charges from a 2017 shooting in Charlotte, has been dismissed. The rapper announced on social media that the case had been dropped, some of you might remember this infamous shooting which allegedly targeted fellow Memphis rapper, Young Dolph.

The rapper received the good news in a text message, from his lawyer that stated,
I hope you're ready for some good news. All of your charges in Charlotte have been DISMISSED. It's time TO celebrate A victory. I told you when you brought me on your case, losing was not an option. We've sacrificed sleep working on your case because I'm not just your lawyer, this was a family fight lil bruh. Those are FACTS. Gotti told you, it's not just about the money for me, this is what I do, fight for justice. We take care of family and we are family. It's no coincidence that right when you dropped your new single, your cases were DISMISSED. Look at God working. Now it's time to move forward, get this money, make these hits, build your legacy and make history FOR GOD's GLORY. Now take your ass out there and give your fans at Rolling Loud a show. CMG and HEAVY CAMP for life.
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Drake Gets His Own 'Air Drake' Private Plane

239 Views | May 10, 2019 |News | By hiphopallaround
The one and only Drake, took to Instagram today sharing footage of his very own private plane. The Rapper, of course, gave it his own name 'Air Drake,' and before you say it's a rental, he also made it very clear with a caption that read "No rental, no timeshare." In the minute and a half long video, he gives a tour of the massive plane.

Instagram post by @champagnepapi * May 10, 2019 at 10:56am UTC

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However, according to Yahoo Drake's road to getting his own plane was lead by partnership he entered with Canadian company Cargojet, who released a press release Friday morning stating they were "thrilled" to bring together two regional corporations with individual proven successes.
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6IX9INE's Girlfriend Gets His Face Tattooed

201 Views | May 8, 2019 |News | By hiphopallaround
Apparently, Tekashi 6IX9INE's girlfriend didn't think her simple '69' tattoo was enough. She is now proudly showing off her latest 6IX9INE tattoo of the incarcerated rapper's face on her other shoulder, shortly after his arrest she got the simple '69' tattoo which she also received quite a lot of backlash for, being called a clout chaser and such.
When she debuted her latest tattoo, she also captioned it "Just got Chris Brown tatted shit crazy." Possibly making fun of the rapper's baby mama Sara Molina who accused the rapper of beating her up in Dubai.
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50 Cent Gets Young Buck's Video Taken Down From YouTube

266 Views | May 7, 2019 |News | By hiphopallaround
I'm sure most of us know by now, if you decide to get at 50 Cent, you need to make sure you've got the legal aspect handled. Following 50 Cent's most recent 'beef' with Power producer Randall Emmett, he has now turned his focus to ex G-Unit member Young Buck over the rappers apparent attempt to get out of his G-Unit contract with 50 Cent. However, Buck's approach hasn't really brought the friendly side out in 50 Cent who is now bombing his former artist with memes.

Young Buck put out some new music for the fans last week, which 50 Cent quickly had shut down by filing for copyright infringement on the music video. That resulted in the video being removed from YouTube. Fif quickly shared his 'accomplishment' on social media, showing the picture above to his 23 million followers.
The G-Unit boss also captioned the picture, sarcastically telling G-Unit fans to check out Buck's new music, even though he had just pulled the music video off YouTube.
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Remy Ma Reportedly Has Evidence That Will 'Destroy' Brittney Taylor's Claims

192 Views | May 5, 2019 |News | By hiphopallaround
A some of you may have heard, Love & Hip Hop star Brittney Taylor claims that Remy Ma gave her a black eye. She brought it to light last week, where she posted a series of photos of herself with a black eye as 'proof'. Shortly after the photos surfaced, it was in the courts. It looks like Remy Ma might have a win on her hand, according to new information coming from TMZ.
Remy Ma's attorney, Dawn Florio told TMZ that her house is full of security cameras and will show her being home at 9:30 PM on April 16th, where Brittney Taylor claims the attack should have taken place at Irving Plaza, NYC. The new information has Remy's legal team confident that the legal motion set against her will be cleared, also no footage from Irving Plaza supports Taylor's story.
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