Suge Knight Says He Was Target In 2Pac Murder

Infamous hip-hop personality Suge Knight, is still making airwaves from behind bars.

Suge Knight apparently still has his take on the 1996 drive-by shooting, from behind bars he is now allegeding that he was the initial target in the infamous shooting that left Tupac dead. He has previously refused to name-drop the shooters that night, however he is now choosing to do so. According to The Daily Mail, Suge has known for many years that Reggie Wright Jr. and his ex-wife Sharitha were the minds behind the murder of Pac.

Suge’s ex-wife Sharitha Golden had previously had a restraining order against Suge Knight, then rescinding and marrying him regardless. Reggie Wright was at the time the head of security at Death Row, and according to Suge Knight his ex-wife orchestrated the hit, bringing it to Reggie Wright while Suge was behind bars.